Yogdhara Tour 2016 was a great and amazing Sahaj experience. For me, it was 30 days nonstop, full of vibrations, music, and joy. The tour started from Delhi and so before the first program, all the yuva shakti had an opportunity to visit Nirmal Dham and to bow to Shri Mataji, and also to meet and know each other. After a few concerts in Delhi, our great journey started–we were travelling by trains and buses from one city to another, having fun in collective life, doing concerts, sharing Sahaj experiences, meeting more and more Indian brothers and sisters, tasting the abundance of Indian food, visiting holy places, and discovering India.

Everything on the tour was perfectly arranged, including programs, advertising, hospitality, and transport. During all of the tour, we felt the attention of Shri Mataji, Her support and blessings, and lots of Sahaj miracles.

The programs had about 1-4 thousands seekers, and it was an amazing feeling to see how the eyes of people changed during the programs, how their hearts opened together with ours through the rhythms and melodies of Sahaj music and how new people enjoyed the flow of vibrations after getting their self-realisation. Maybe India is the only country where it is possible to speak about Sahaja Yoga and spirituality so openly and where people accept this knowledge and get their self realisation so easily without any conditions. So many stay in Sahaja Yoga this way.

Even though sometimes we were very tired from the schedule, still all the joyful moments we had on the tour is not possible to mention: visiting so many beautiful places, Sahaj ashrams, and places where Shri Mataji stayed, all the love received from Indian collectives in every city, and the time spent together with brothers and sisters, new music experiences from meeting so many great Sahaj musician like Mukhiramji, Anandita Basu, Dr. Rajesh Universe, Sandeep Dalal, Nirmal Sangeet Sarita, the Dhumal family, and the Pune music group. All these memories are warming my heart again and again.

I am very thankful to Shri Mataji for giving me an opportunity to be a part of the Yogdhara team in 2016, and also a big thanks to all Sahaja Yogis who made this tour possible all across India, especially the organisers Swapnil Dhayade and Agam Gupta, who planned and arranged everything. I wish Yogdhara to become a every-year tradition in India and I hope one day I can be join it again. Jai Shri Mataji!


In March 2015 after the Chennai yuva tour, I was heading to Nirmal Dham and there I met Diana and Tanya from Ukraine. Inspired by the Chennai tour, I wanted to share an idea with them about organizing a new yuva tour in India. Surprisingly, they wanted to share the same idea with me! During their trip to Ganapatipule, they met Swapnil and Agam, and had already discussed the tour. We all started to work on it. We got a name for the tour, “Yogdhara”, proposed by Swapnil. None of us had ever organized such tours, but finally it worked out even better than anyone had expected. We could all feel Shri Mataji’s attention all the time, without which nothing could have worked out.

For many participants, it was a new experience–many had never been to India, but all of us felt like we knew each other for a long time. The most bright and inspiring experience happened when we traveled to Haridwar and Utarakhand. There we stayed in a Sahaj ashram that was built around 2013. Indian yogis told us that Shri Mataji asked them to build an ashram in this city in 1992 and She said that one day, many yogis from different countries will come and stay in this ashram. They all told us, “This is the day She was talking about”. All the tour was full of small miracles, meeting so many Indian brothers and sisters, sharing love and vibrations. The Yogdhara tour was a real flow of love and yoga (Yogdhara translates into the “flow of yoga” from Sanskrit). The tour gave us a lot of energy and inspiration. The friendship and connections established during the tour started to work out many things in and between our countries. For example, the summer after we had a “Volga tour” in Russia with five Indian yuvashakti participating in it. It was the first time Indian yuvas came to Russia for a tour.

The other miracle we discovered during the tour was Indian yogis. We were traveling by trains a lot and some travels were quite long, like 12-16 hours. Indian yogis didn’t want us to eat food sold on the trains. Just imagine, they were bringing food for us in the train in the cities where we had stops. They were saying,“We also want to participate in the tour, so this is the way we can do it”. Once, they even brought us tea in one of the cities where we stopped for 5-10 minutes at 4 o’clock in the morning! I woke up from the words “Jai Shri Mataji!” and saw a shining yogi holding a thermos with tea and snacks. Just imagine–so, so, so much love! I hope one day we could also express such love for them being guests in our countries.

Yogdhara (joy of spreading God’s words and love in India) is an experience to cherish for a lifetime, because it’s an experience that will touch every part of your heart, mind, and soul. It’s an experience that will teach you about godly hospitality, unconditional love and compassion, patience, and so on, but most importantly, through it, you will achieve an elevation into the next level of your human consciousness. This will help you gain greater awareness of the vibrations around you and the continuous bliss of Param Chaitanya.

I have joined several Sahaj tours across the globe. All of them were great, especially the Yogdhara tour in India, which gave all the participants another level of experience. The river of love within us could be felt flowing almost all the time as we entertained and charged up the spirits of the urban and rural people who came to sing and praise God with us. We became one river of love “flowing through the thousand-petalled lotus” into a great ocean of love.

Motherland India is magical and the Indian yogis are exceptional; they are sweeter than Indian sweets. We were lost for words to describe their selfless approach to life, compassion, and spiritual aura. All I can say is that they are absolutely phenomenal!

The salvation of the whole of humanity depends on us. Whenever we get an opportunity, we should join Sahaj tours, because we are the soldiers of love, and it’s our duty to spread and talk to others, to give them that joy that we have.


Participating in the Yogdhara tour was my first visit to India. During the whole month, we became utterly absorbed in a boundless ocean of love, joy, and vibrations, and we had an opportunity to have wonderful spiritual growth. It was an incredible Sahaj experience that essentially changed my life.

During this tour, I always felt the strong protection and care of Shri Mataji, starting with the very first day. As soon as we landed in New Delhi and met with the Indian collective, any doubts that I had vanished. The Indian yogis always were showing us their endless love and care to all the participants of the tour. It filled us with so much joy, as if we were in Shri Mataji’s home, where she herself was caring for us. Also, there was a feeling in every city we were, as if all the collectives were competing

– who can host us the best? The whole of India became a house of Shri Mataji, and all the yogis were the hands of Shri Mataji, the eyes of Shri Mataji, and the mouth of Shri Mataji. In India, all the ashrams are so beautiful.

In my heart, I will always have strong feelings for Sahaj places like Nirmal Dham, Shri Mataji’s house in Chindwara and Pratishthan, the Saptashrungi swayambhu, Nargol, Brahmapuri, and the Ganga river. These places are sacred indeed. I wish all yogis could come there.

But the things I remember the most are the concert halls, where we were giving self-realization programs. Hundreds and thousands of people were coming there. And it was so powerful, so intense. It felt like extremely important work was going on at the programs and it was very inspiring. I would like to thank all the organizers that actualized this project that united yogis from all the corners of Mother Earth with one goal. I would suggest to conduct this project again and to develop this project, but also create new ones!

Namaste to all brothers and sisters!

My life changed dramatically after Yogdhara. Could I ever imagine that I would spread Sahaja Yoga in India, on the holy land from where the Kundalini starts? I have never even thought about it. But all of us became an instrument of God to do this work. I have never expected for such a blessing. It was my first trip to India and from the first step, I understood that I am at home. Day after day, we visited different cities and villages, and worked for God.

The month was so intensive. We changed our locations really fast. Sometimes, we didn’t have enough energy. But every few minutes, we felt the strong support of Mother and all our tiredness leave.

The Indian yogis did a great job in organizing all of this. I remember all this love for us from all of our Indian brothers and sisters, how they met us at night at railway stations and gave us chai, how they cooked non-spicy food, how they solved our troubles with overweight luggage because of so many presents from all the cities we visited. All these small things made us feel like we all were at home and made us realise how big our family is. Maybe in the future I will forget all the details of the tour, but I will never forget the feeling of true happiness and joy.

I want express all my love in this letter and say a big thanks to Shri Mataji for making this all happen. Mother, please give us powers to spread Sahaja Yoga all over the world! Jai Shri Mataji!

Yogdhara 2016 was an unforgettable trip to India. For me, it was the first time in India, but I’ve heard and read about this country a lot. We came together with my elder sister, and it was not just for travelling or having rest, but we went on the one month tour for spreading Sahaja Yoga. Our journey to India took a few days because we had plane tickets from Russia, and we had to travel from Ukraine to Russia by train for two days. So, when we finally reached India and the Sahaja Yogis met us in the Delhi airport, we felt like our hearts were jumping with joy–our lifelong dream came true and we finally stood on the holy land of India. We also felt like we were at home because our brothers and sisters welcomed us.

We were so happy to visit Nirmal Dham and to meet yuva shakti from different countries: Ukraine, Russia, China, England, Germany, Italy. and Belgium. There were about 20-30 people in our team, and together we visited so many Indian cities. The month flew by unnoticed. Wherever we travelled-

-in every state, city, ashram, in every Sahaja Yoga collective–we were welcomed as the most respected and beloved guests, being hosted with the best comforts and regaled with the most delicious dishes. Our hearts were opened and filled with joy whenever we were welcomed and greeted with drums and garlands. Our kundalinis were rising because of the joy and pure love, so that made us also dance, joining our Indian brothers and sisters.

Such tours as Yogdhara unite Sahaja Yogis of the world in a great way. We hope that this Sahaj love will be reflected from this tour and will unite the hearts of all Sahaja Yogis all over the world forever and make us one powerful collective full of respect and support for each other, implementing the vision of our Great Mother, Shri Adi Shakti.

First, I want to express my gratitude to the all organizers of the tour, because they organized a tour that was interesting and we had an opportunity to give realization to people. In every collective of Sahaja Yogis who met us, we felt as if we were at home. This time, it was 45 people from different countries. We visited many interesting cities–some of them were Calcutta and Lucknow, Silchar and Shillong. And this time, we visited an incredibly beautiful state of India: Assam. The culture of this state seemed to be a lot different from other states I have seen and it was very breathtaking to see all the landscapes when we were travelling.

Shri Mataji blessed us with the opportunity to visit Nirmal Dham twice during our stay in India. On the first day, Shri Mataji gave everyone blessings for gathering there, getting acquainted with each other, having musical practice, and to enjoy the vibrations. At the end of the tour, we had the opportunity to have a puja in Nirmal Dham as well. Although it was almost 50 people, it was a very harmonious and balanced team. A lot of musicians and dancers came, and it was very easy to work together. We felt that Shri Mataji was teaching us every moment how to love and respect each other in different situations. Shri Mataji united people from different countries in one collective.

I would also like to note how the Indian yogis tried their best concerning the food we ate. Many of us could not eat spicy food and the Indian brothers and sisters cooked food we could eat specifically for us.


The Yogdhara tour was a memorable and joyful Sahaja Yoga experience. My vibrations began to cool even six months before joining the tour.

My meditations were light and clear. Between giving realisation and performances, the group was supplemented with exceptional nature and cultural day trips. Shri Mataji made her presence clear within and without us countless times, all the time creating a sense of calmness, stability, and peace in the Sahaja Yogis attending and assisting us.

The foods of the northeast region were light and palatable, and the people were very friendly and heartwarming.

I was lucky to celebrate my 40th birthday at Nirmal Dham at the end of the tour, which was a spiritually enriching experience never to be forgotten, as was the whole tour. I pray to our Divine Mother to please keep our special memories of these experiences of Sahaja Yoga within us.

I have been blessed so much while I attended these two Yogdhara tours in 2016 and 2017. The key word of Yogdhara 2016 is “love” for me. Yogdhara 2016 was the first yuva tour in my life. I had the feelings of being a divine instrument for the first time. Also, I felt love from the international Sahaja family. I remember so clearly that I felt I was not good enough to attend this tour, as other yuvas danced and sang so well, but I did nothing, so I was feeling guilty in the beginning. However, some Indian aunties told me I was chosen by Shri Mataji, so there’s no need to be guilty. After crying heavily that night, I gave up comparisons and thoughts, and only felt love flowing through each other. My heart opened up more and more after this tour. I felt love from others more easily and I loved others (including non-yogis) more than before.

The key word of Yogdhara 2017 is “responsibility.” I took more responsibility for this tour, cared about the members, and cared about this collective–I did whatever I could. I felt my responsibility to this world and I confirmed what I should do in this life. After this tour, I came back to my hometown with a desire to set up a collective here. Actually, I wanted to have a collective in my hometown as soon as I practised Sahaja Yoga regularly, but I never thought of being the one to do it. Thank you Shri Mataji for always taking care of us and improving us. Now I know the only right thing for this life–nothing else is important.

Yogdhara tours give us opportunities to be divine instruments, to learn from excellent yogis, to be better, to grow deep, and be more mature. We also will introduce this beautiful Yogdhara experience in the national China yuva seminar in May, 2017.


I want to share some moments from the Yogdhara Tour in 2017, that without any doubt, are imprinted in my heart.

So, I wanted to tell a little bit about the second city we were giving a self-realization concert in, Lucknow. So, when we got there, it was just a few hours before the concert, and in addition, it was a traffic jam. It was a beautiful game that sometimes you got involved in and felt tense. But like any game, it had its own rules, so if you start, just play.

We came to the ashram. Everyone, of course, was thinking about their stuff and baggage. It was pretty easy to leave and forget our baggage somewhere. While everyone was deciding what was best for him or her – to meditate, to eat, to take a picture, to chat – time was running out, so it was just 5 minutes before leaving to the concert place. And when we were hurried on, in these 5 minutes, we miraculously managed to do our preparations that we could never do in our daily lives. To say more, when we arrived, some Indians sisters were waiting for us to help with our saris. Two Indian yoginis were putting a sari on me. They were doing it so carefully and with great patience, but when one main sister came, and she said she would do it all over. Ah, I thought, why do this? Everything was perfect, but in this game, you should be humble, so I just was quietly helping her to complete it again. And then when she put the sari on me appropriately, her eyes were shining and it was sincere purity overflowing from her heart, just love.

Afterwards, we went back to the ashram to grab our things. The joy and love was just flowing and we started to sing and to dance. After some time, we went to the hotel and after foot-soaking, we went to bed. So, such an eventful and joyful day. A new day, a new lesson, a new experience. I am very happy to know all these good and kind people, happy to have this experience and, of course, happy to be a particle in this powerful work of the divine.


Yogdhara was my first tour and my first time in India. It was really a lifetime and incomparable experience. To begin with, I started to feel the bliss of this holy land when I was on the plane, crossing the border and approaching Delhi. It is not a secret for Sahaja Yogis that in India you feel much stronger vibrations of the divine, and so I felt the same, during the whole tour. I always felt so much vibrations without putting any effort and I couldn`t imagine how I would live when I would come back to Ukraine. I really think that Indian Sahaja Yogis are so blessed to be born in Mother India.

Moreover, in India, many of your dreams come true. Since I started to practice Sahaja Yoga in 2015, it was my dream to visit some of the sacred places where Shri Mataji lived and visited. So, during the first night in India, I visited Nirmal Dham. For me, it was like paradise, without time and space, a divine place, where you are sincerely happy at the Lotus Feet of Shri Mataji. Every time, when I feel bad, I come back to my memories of this place, to this feeling, and it comforts me.

The next thing about this tour: I was so blessed to participate in this work, to be Shri Mataji’s instrument, to be with many brothers and sisters from all over the world. Every time I felt exhausted or stressed during the tour, I talked to the Sahaja Yogis, asking how they are, or something else to make pleasant conversation, and this joy and love of the collective took away all the frustrations I had. The tour was so full of events, and beautiful and sacred moments, that it is impossible to describe, but I surely can say that the love of the Indian collectives was very great. Although we didn`t know them, they cared about us so much, as if we were their own children. This feeling was always so strong during the tour–that we were like children, and this land was our Mother. I adore the Indian Sahaja Yogis and I want to learn so many things from them.

And the last thing, I want to thank all the organizers, all the participants, and all the collectives for the beautiful and intensive work you have done. I am very grateful to Shri Mataji for taking me to Sahaja Yoga and for guiding me, giving me these blessings that I cannot even comprehend sometimes.

Jai Shri Mataji!


Last year, I went to India to attend the Yogdhara Tour. It was the most powerful experience of my life. India is an amazing land, vibrations are so strong, people are so lovely, and everywhere you go, you can feel Mother next to you. I mean, we always feel Mother, but in India, it is something different–something that can’t be told. At the beginning of the Tour, I was feeling bad, my heart was closed. I wasn’t ready for all that love maybe, but after a few days, I was feeling completely at home, and everything was familiar to me. I met lots of people, and I remember all of them–they gave me a lot of inspiration and love.

During the tour, we had programs and concerts for spreading Sahaja Yoga and. They were absolutely ready for all of us. Actually, to describe this experience is not easy at all. I have so many feelings in my heart when I think about the Tour that I’m not able to transform them into words.

India, the Yogdhara Tour and the Yogdhara family changed my life. Everyone I met there will be in my heart forever.


I was glad to be a part of the Yogdhara tour in 2016. Starting from the spontaneous thought to go on the tour, all the travel arrangements, and so on, seemed happen very easily and fast.

It was such a blessing to participate in this tour, to be a part of giving realization to thousands of people. All the Indian yogis took such good care of us and organized everything perfectly. I could always feel very strong vibrations and that Shri Mataji really kept Her attention on all these events.

I have been to many tours in different countries, but Yogdhara was really special. I hope that I will be able to participate in further Yogdhara tours.


I have been living in India for the last 2 years. So many foreigners come to Nagpur to learn music, but rarely do they conduct realisation programmes and talk about Sahaj Yoga. It was my dream to have a big concert together and spread this message of love. This tour is what India really needs. Before this Yogdhara tour started, I was reading memories about spreading Sahaj Yoga in Mumbai and nearby villages with Shri Mataji in the 1980s. She used to call foreigners for tours and tell them to sing bhajans. And when I joined Yogdhara, I felt that time went back and we were all there. All the time, I felt Shri Mataji’s attention on us . . . She was there with us at every step.

Fortunately, I joined the tour on my birthday. That was my best birthday ever. With my Sahaj family, we had a nice programme in Nagpur, where I am living. All the time, I had a strong feeling that very big work was going on through all of us.

Everybody on the tour has changed. Step by step, we all became one family. It was not possible for me to join the complete tour, but the programmes I attended were really amazing. While the tour was going on, Shri Mataji was working with everyone to improve ourselves and establish our collectivity, communication, understanding of each other, to open our hearts, and to show us the real joy of spreading Sahaj Yoga.

In India nowadays, people are very oriented on western culture and its lifestyle. They forgot that their culture is very deep and pure. For thousands of years, people used to come to India to learn how to meditate and how to find peace inside. And now, the time has come when we will remind them about their great culture and what they have.

I felt that the vibrations have changed after the tour and so much love was flowing through us. This is Her love. Shri Mataji’s blessings. Thank you Shree Mataji for this experience, for love and joy! This is only the beginning. I hope we will have a lot more of such tours around the world!

Jai Shri Mataji.


This was my first time in India and I am really thankful for joining this yuva tour this year. There was so much love and so many blessings, which I had never experienced before. It was the first time for me to be so close to Mother. Every yogi was beautiful and shining. Mother was working on me and Her love made me cry several times. This group had very good vibrations, and it was my first time to feel such a strong cool breeze. When I knew I could dance on stage, I just felt love and emotion for Mother, and I thanked Mother from the bottom of my heart. Though I stayed only 7 days in the group, I felt my heart open wider and wider.

After this tour, I felt my life was just beginning. Now I live just like a child, as if I went back to my childhood–so lucky and happy under Shri Mataji’s care, only being a small child. I received so many blessings and so much love during this tour. Before this tour, I was not so deep in Sahaja Yoga, and I did not understand other yogis’ deepness. But by living together with these brothers and sisters, I regarded them as my models–they were as beautiful as angels–I also want to be like them. Now I’m getting better–I can get up and meditate early in the morning every day. I’m trying to give realisation to others and going deep into myself. This tour burried small pure seeds in my heart and encouraged me to be better and deep. Thank Shri Mataji for letting me go on this tour.

I have been told many times by various people that going on a tour is life-changing. I did not really understand how life-changing it was until I took part in the Yogdhara Tour in 2017. Although we were travelling to a different city nearly every day, and holding programs and concerts in each of these cities, our energy was incredible. It seemed like Mother poured and filled each and every one of us with strength so that we could all give our best for each of the concerts and programs. It really felt like everyone that was on the Tour was meant to be there, that everyone had some unique qualities that were needed for this entire Tour to run smoothly.

The Tour consisted mainly of Russians, Ukrainians, and Chinese yogis and yoginis. There was so much to learn from them. They are really incredible people. Very, very generous, humble, patient, and extremely open-hearted. We also had yogis and yoginis from India, New Zealand, Singapore, Lithuania, Canada, England, Australia, and Austria. So much beauty, so much kindness and love filled the atmosphere at all times–it was amazing. Although not everyone spoke English so well, we said our goodbyes with a heavy heart. Somehow the little we communicated, using hands and feet, and the time we spent together, created a very family-like bond. More than ever, I felt the beauty of having a brother and sister relationship between each other. Of course, there were a few ups and downs, but that was a good thing for me.

It just showed that everyone was growing not only spiritually, but also emotionally. Everyone was learning from each other. Having met these incredible brothers and sisters really made me look at myself in a more introspective manner. I advise everyone who has the chance to, to go on a tour. The one month that the Tour lasted was the most incredible one of my life. I finally felt like I did something for Shri Mataji for once. It was extremely fulfilling.


Before joining Yogdhara in 2017, I had been on several realization tours in the U.S., which were all amazing. But the Yogdhara tour was something completely different. In each program, tremendous love was flowing from the audience and within our group. Also, I felt that each day, I was becoming a better Sahaja Yogi.

Besides giving realization to many seekers, I thought the tour was great at uniting politically- troubled nations, like Russia and Ukraine. Though there has been a political conflict between the two countries for some time, the yogis from Russia and Ukraine came together with such ease and enjoyment. It was heartwarming to see, and it made me believe that love really is the greatest power there is.

Another fantastic thing about this tour was that even though we got little sleep, we always had energy to give concerts. I remember one concert, my body felt like falling asleep while playing, but my consciousness was fully awake. Many times during concerts, new tabla variations would come to me spontaneously, and I always felt so much joy to play during the concerts.

I made many new friends, saw once again the unbelievable hospitality of the Indian yogis, played music to my heart’s content, and helped to give realization to thousands of people. I cannot think of a better experience in my life.


Last winter, I received an email from China’s collective. I prayed to Mother for the trip. I booked a flight. To go to India is no doubt a life-changing experience to grow our spirit.

I arrived at Nirmal Dham, and our brothers and sisters came together here from all over the world. It was such a wonderful way to begin a new day in Nirmal Dham to wake up for early morning meditation and walk on the grass to enjoy the warm sunshine with a cup of tea. I was unable to book a train ticket online, so Indian brothers had arranged everything.

Two days later, we began our busy schedule. After each concert, we travelled to another place by train or by bus, so I saw the train system in India. The monkeys and the cows were on the roadside, the birds were on the railway… even the animals had an absolute sense of security, Indian people were enjoying themselves… I felt something clearing out as Mother worked on us every day.

After practising Sahaja Yoga several years, I changed a lot. I was arrogant, aggressive, emotional, but now I am broad-minded, willing to share and to give. I don’t care about others’ comments and forgive those who attack me, treat everyone equally, and accept all the circumstances that I encounter.


I was on the tour only for the first two weeks. And after the tour ended and I arrived in Moscow, I realized that this tour was something bigger for me than just a trip to India. Getting to know all the brothers and sisters from Ukraine became a big joy and dream for me. It felt like some kind of subtle work was going on between us. There was so much laughing and happiness that I wish it would never had ended. Also, I had the feeling like every participant on the tour was selected by Shri Mataji Herself. Each person was doing his or her work and doing it perfectly. And this tour was like a pleasant test for me, that I could pass only with the help of the divine attention of Shri Mataji.

Of course, from time to time, it would be great to have more time for rest, meditation, and cleansing. But, we really liked to talk to all the people from all over the world and not knowing English wasn’t a big problem. The team was helping me with translating or they just said to relax. From the first seconds I touched the holy land, I met our sister Dasha Denysova, with whom I was looking forward to get acquainted with. During the whole tour, she was like a child to us that we wanted to take care of.

To tell more, I always had a dream to know all these bhajans, ragas, and qawwalis. And this dream came true, because we had a perfect teacher: Maria. At the very beginning of the tour, I had a feeling like we were working very hard, getting exhausted, etc. But then a kind of understanding came, that we were doing this work for God and He was helping us.

I would like to express my big gratitude to all the local collectives that took care of us and gave their love to us, fed us, gave a lot of presents, and their boundless devotion to Shri Mataji.

Moreover, my other dream came true: to swim in the holy river Ganga on my birthday. It was a divine and a one-of-a-kind experience. I felt lightness and joy. Its waters are full of calmness, silver color, and freshness. To sum up, all the people were very cool and very different, I was very happy to participate.


It has been my dream to visit India. Not only did I fulfil that dream, but I gained so much more in joining the Yogdhara Tour. I was convinced by my rakhi brother to sign up for the tour–funnily enough, I had encouraged him the year prior to join the Tour and he had such a joyous time that he made sure I went. Neither of us regretted the decision.

There were yogis from multiple nations, displaying an array of artistic talent. It was fascinating to learn everyone’s story of how they discovered Sahaj and their individual journey. Despite not meeting for long and the cultural differences, I felt an instant connection with other yogis.

I joined the tour from Delhi to Kolkata. The tour was well organised, I felt safe and somehow, despite there being 50 of us, we managed to get on the crazy trains and not lose any luggage or anyone. There were many miracles like that along the way. Another miracle I experienced was the power of a bandhan; it seemed to work more easily in India. For example, when visiting one university, the hall was half empty, so I gave a bandhan–within 5 minutes, the entire hall was filled.

I most enjoyed being amongst the company of many admirable yogis, being able to give realisation in various cities, marvelling at the different landscapes of India and being drenched by the love of each collective. One time, our train was delayed; when we stopped at a station for 3 minutes, there were yogis waiting for us, just to deliver breakfast. We barely had time to thank them for their generosity.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank all the yogis who organised this and of course, Mother, for being the driver of bringing all of us together.

Jai Shri Mataji!


I was thinking about sharing the experience I had on this Yogdhara Tour in 2017, but there were so many wonderful experiences, I didn’t know how to start. It has been four months since the tour ended, and I feel that so many blessings and love from this tour has settled down deeply in my heart.

What impressed me most was that Sahaja Yoga developed so widely and deeply in India. Shri Mataji’s love shone spontaneously through every Sahaja Yogi. Such a miracle! Local Indian yogis provided us with delicious food and comfortable rooms, took care of us so well with each small aspect. I really appreciated their hospitality. In addition, they acted so rapidly to prepare programmes perfectly. I felt lots of pure joy to be a divine instrument during this tour.

The most important thing was that I witnessed the strong confidence in Shri Mataji from everyone, and Shri Mataji’s ubiquitous power. It encouraged me and confirmed my confidence in Shri Mataji. I believe the message of Shri Mataji will spread rapidly in China and each place in the world. It’s a great honor and blessing to be a divine instrument in this life.


It is only because of the coolness of my liver when I called Liang Jing to ask about the India Tour that I quickly applied for the visa, bought the flight tickets, and landed in Nirmala Dham for dance practice. However, thoughts kept bombarding my mind: “Do you want to go to the health centre to balance yourself, or have a soak in the Ganges–would that be better?” I woke up at 4 a.m. the next morning for collective meditation, but was unable to still the mind. I saw a younger brother cleaning the floor and went to join him. I also got the opportunity to clean Mother’s lotus feet, and the mooladhara was cool. When I sat down for meditation after that, my mind was completely blank, only full of vibrations, and I didn’t want to go anywhere after that. I only looked forward to cleaning the floor at 4 a.m., changing the flowers, full of joy, until the day we left.

Once, after riding on an elephant like a queen around an ancient forest, my thoughts subsided, and noticed that my mooladhara was feeling much lighter. I looked tentatively at the bright eyes of these huge animals. Just as I grabbed some grass to feed a mother elephant, the pettiness of the mind came back. “Don’t you take my hand into your mouth as well.” After eating, she really started to tease me with her trunk. I hid behind Karla, who laughed and said, “She’s just touching you.” Once I was certain that they wouldn’t hurt people, I started to find the courage to communicate with them. There was a baby elephant among the group whose mouth was always up, as if she was enjoying herself. After feeding her, she wrapped around my thighs with her trunk, as though she was about to lift me up. I was curious about how it would feel to be lifted up by her. After, we pressed our palms together and bowed in respect to the elephants.

I have the desire to tell the world how much India is a country that respects nature. I feel so much alive and received the highest treatment being with the Indian people. I am the spirit. I am eternal bliss and awareness.

Every Sahaj tour is special and important for every member. There was divine energy present among us every moment of this period. We all know how auspicious for us it is to meet with other yogis, meditate together, and spread Sahaja Yoga. This tour gathered yogis from so many different countries. Everyone brought energy from the place where they live and meditate. There was a feeling that we are different but at the same time, we are one team. It was such a pleasure to see how yuvas helped each other, and how brothers cared for sisters. Feeling that we were a family was present from the first day.

Collectives organised everything very nicely in the towns we visited. We saw many posters for programs on the street. A lot of seekers were present at every concert. The collectives did a lot of organizing for such a big group. Many thanks for the lemons and chilis that we had every day for every program. Thanks to the China collective for foot-soaking bags. This was really helpful for us.

Many thanks to brothers Ricky Saikia, Nick Savchenko, Agam Gupta, and Brahmjot Virk. Their guidance of the group was full of love and surrendering to Shri Mataji. Every member of the group tried to make time, during the tour, to be light and joyful.

I remember how deep the meditations were during the concerts after realisation was given. The programs for children and students was the most inspiring. We felt their open hearts and their desire to develop spiritually. I hope they will continue to practice Sahaja Yoga Meditation.

India have very special vibrations. Meditations there are very different. This country cares for Sahaja Yogis like a mother cares for her children. This trip opened our hearts and inspired each of us. I want to say thanks to everyone who did any work for this tour.

May Mother bless you all.


Yogdhara tour was my first time in India. To get to India it was very adventurous for me. Everyone helped me to plan for the tour. My mom, sister, even Yuvas who didn’t know me – helped me like angels. People came in time and place to protect me and show me the way. It was like I just had this desire joining the Yogdhara tour and everything was getting arranged of its own.

Yogies in India did great work to organize programs in various part of India. The Indian yogis greeted us with flowers, music and smiles on their faces. India – interesting country, because it so native and you will feel its very close to your heart even you are there for the first time. For many of us Yogdhara tour was not just a tour, it was a test and chance to grow spiritually. And it was one of steps to ourselves and to union of cultures. I met so many wonderful yogis who got so close to my heart. They are full of love, Joy and purity. I was happy to see ashrams in India (Pune, Brahmapuri), because it was my dream to have ashrams in Ukraine. Hope One day we will have ashram in Ukraine by the blessing of our Mother. And hope one day people from other countries will come to our land and we will have tour all over Ukraine. I want to say thanks to everyone who do work so hard for the success of the Yogdhara Tour in India.

Jai Shri Mataji.